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Jake is a dynamite training and sales professional. I’ve attended Jake’s training and have been blown away by his ability to connect with each of his audience members as if they are the only ones in the (virtual) room. He is as kind as he is smart and incredibly generous with his time. I admire his ability to breakdown complex topics and aspire to emulate his charisma as a public speaker. Any exceptional company would be lucky to have Jake.

Taylor Zanette

It’s no accident that even inside a team of professional trainers, we tapped Jake to design and deliver professional development training for our own team. Jake practices what he preaches, offering the gold standard in both his message and his delivery. Jake is one of those players who elevates the performance of the team around him. He is unfailingly supportive, unquestionably skilled, and unflinchingly positive. I cannot overstate how much I look forward to working on the same team with him again.

Chris Martell MS.Ed

I had the pleasure of working closely with Jake while developing sales excellence curriculum and delivering sessions during his many cohorts and tracks. There are so many areas where Jake excels, but 2 areas that I know would benefit a high-performing organization are: 1. His demonstrated expertise in solid instructional design. I learned so many tips and tricks while designing training that only come from a seasoned pro. Organizations that want their folks to actually retain the information presented need to look no further. 2. His clear passion for excellence. Everything Jake did was top-notch. He is committed to quality training, using a blend of proven methods and new ideas. In addition to the above, he’s a great human. I genuinely hope that we get the opportunity to work together again!

Laura Rehor, PHR, GBA

I have worked with Jake on a variety of projects at multiple companies in differing capacities and he has remained a constant wellspring of knowledge and expertise. At Sana I had the pleasure of working under Jake as a member of the Training team and could witness first-hand his excellence in a leadership role. Juggling a multitude of projects, Jake never faltered to right the ship and keep our team moving forward whether it be in the implementation of the Content Management System, Seismic, the various sales conversations around the acquisition of a new Learning Management System, or the development of a company-wide formalized Onboarding program. Jake’s style of management is one of engaged leadership without micromanagement and it was wonderful to see this in action while working alongside him in this capacity. I highly recommend Jake for any organization looking for a Learning & Development powerhouse!

Ryan Stebbins

Jake is a master of training and development. I worked with Jake to get our sales team up and running much faster than they were before Jake took the helm, which directly impacted the bottom line. He’s an excellent communicator and thought deeply about incentives and how to get the most out of the team. He’s also just a pleasure to collaborate with when building out entire training programs, individual sessions, and take-away assets.Without hesitation, I recommend Jake if you need to uplevel your training or L&D.

Evan Knopp

Jake and I worked together for not long enough. His ability to provide insight into both industry and the human condition provided me with the tools needed for success in an environment still new to me. Willing to meet on a moment’s notice, he has been able to coach on a case-by-case instance, providing you with the best ideas and the thought process that gets you there. His dedication and professionalism are unrivaled and should be what every company is looking for in this role. I would recommend Jake as an asset for organizational development in any environment!

Travis Drake

Jake is a true master of his craft, and would always bring his A-game when it comes to his style of training. While attending his courses, I would always come in with an open mind, and was curious on what he would bring to the table — and I can honestly say that there were some eye opening (“wow”) moments throughout his weekly sales training sessions. His style of training and development may be different from the standard; however, I’ve always had a positive experience with many takeaways (new tips and tricks up my sleeve ;D). There’s reason why he’s been so successful at every stop of his career, and I truly believe that Jake has a gift that most developing trainers can’t seem to grasp (imo). On a personal note, I think Jake is fantastic person. He is always looking out for his teammates (on a professional and personal level). If your business is looking to boost their performance in sales, customer services, management etc. – then Jake Stahl is your guy!

Roger Sanchez

It has been a pleasure to work with Jake! He is detailed oriented and has a vast amount of experience in management and other high end supporting corporate roles that lends people he works with a bigger picture to solve problems and be solution oriented. If Jake says he is going to do something, he does it. His follow through is a 10+. It is always a pleasure to work with him! Rebecca Palmer, President Palmer & Young, Inc, National Pharmaceutical/Biotech Recruiting Firm CuriousJOB.com, National JOB Board

Rebecca Palmer

Being able to hold the attention and engage a group of sales professionals in a training seminar or workshop is no easy task. Jake was exceptional as a Sales Trainer and was instrumental in my development. He made me want to learn and transferred his belief in the company’s products to everyone he came in contact with. I always looked forward to his workshops and was equally as excited when I learned he was moving into Sales Management. As a colleague on the same team I was now able to seek his counsel and glean from his ideas as a manager. Jake is a talented professional and truly cares about his job, the people he serves in management, and the patients and physicians his products support.

Matt Irvine, MBA

I had the pleasure of working with Jake to custom design a CRM system. Jake brought to the table unique understanding of pharmaceutical sales and IT systems. He is very detail oriented but is cognizant of the big picture. He played the role of a product manager ensuring that the end system will be tailored to the client needs. The system continues to be well received by sales reps and is a testament to Jake’s skills.

Sayee Natarajan

I was fortunate to work with Jake as a colleague and also observe him as a Director and Trainer. As a colleague Jake was always willing to help and often times went above and beyond what was asked. He has a great background in eLearning and he was always looking for ways to improve ours. He was often asked to speak at different conferences around the country on topics such as eLearning and Sales Training. As a Director he worked with his team to develop an outstanding sales force automation tool that is used by the entire sales force. Many new hires comment that it is far better than the one used by the companies that they left. Lastly, Jake was a trainer for some of the people in our group and he never failed to teach and entertain. We always looked forward to his workshops. He is charismatic, ethical, hard working and someone who always has a smile. I would gladly work with Jake again given the chance.

Joseph Gimigliano

Jake is a genius at finding the sweet spot of the right solution delivered with highly contained costs, by astutely and creatively leveraging technology and a “living off the land” and “can do” philosophy. I have cited his work and quoted him directly in more chapters and columns than I care to admit, always to demonstrate leading practices and to inspire others.

Clark Aldrich

Jake was a very passionate as well as knowledgable about the products he was responsible for training the sales force on. He had great ideas on how to best present and position the products for maximum sales results.

Charles Orefice

Jake has always displayed a great blend of enthusiasm, technical smarts, and professional savvy. He’s been a valuable member of my network of pharmaceutical professionals for years, and I can always turn to him for helpful advice and input.

Steve Woodruff

Jake is the best employee trainer I’ve ever worked with. He built and ran an excellent training program for our sales team at Sana and had great ideas for building a more comprehensive training program for our company. I would highly recommend Jake and I hope we get him back someday.

Will Young

Jake started at Sana with open ears to learn and ask questions about all things Sana. Before we had him as part of the sales team we were just winging it and hoping our reps would do well. He provided order where there was none. Key Accomplishments that Jake had in my tenure with him: -Built a training program from the ground up.-Improved our turnaround time for training Account Executives and making them effective sellers in under 3 months. (It used to take us 6-9 months)-Implement Seismic which allows us to version control a lot of the marketing our team uses when they present. The impacts of this are just now being felt, and will grow exponentially.- Trained Sales and built our program out so well that he became the company wide Head of Training, and was promptly promoted.- Jake made a stark distinction in our transition to being confident in value based selling. He really helped us dig into customer problems/pains to make sure we could take great care of our clients. On a personal level: Jake is an incredible human, and I’m saddened to not work alongside him any longer. He shows empathy, lends a patient ear to whoever approaches him. That said, he is also not afraid to challenge assumptions or ask difficult questions; however, he usually does this with critical advise in mind. Whoever hires Jake is hiring an architect and a builder. An architect that cares deeply about sharing their passion with their teams to watch them grow better. A builder that lays every stone right where it belongs to make sure the structure is sounds. He can do this for your training needs, product agnostic.

Titus Andrew Trem

I had the opportunity to work with Jake during my time at Sana Benefits. Jake is a service minded teacher at heart, with incredible skill in building and coaching sales teams. His work ethic is unmatched, and always seems to be the first to volunteer in helping those who are seeking to achieve their potential. He goes out of his way to be accessible, and makes sure that what is being taught is also understood. If you are looking for leader in sales who will be able to teach your team how to smash quota’s and achieve their potential, look no farther than Jake Stahl.

Tyler Lebaron

I worked with Jake at Sana and though it was for a brief time (approximately 9 months) I absorbed so much from his training. He developed an intense, informative, yet lively training course for new hires that kept me engaged and feeling thoroughly prepared to start my new role when I joined the company. He went on to develop weekly sales training meetings, which I fully benefited from, as it was packed with gems that would end up helping me with my future sales skills. On top of being an expert in sales and training, his upbeat and positive nature made it hard to not look forward to the next meeting. He also had an open door policy when it came to slacking him and asking questions or requesting time to train one on one. He was a great resource during my time at Sana! I highly recommend Jake, and whoever gets to work with him is in for a great time!

Julie Torres

I had the pleasure of working with Jake at Sana and being under his leadership during his training and development sessions at Sana. Jake built a fantastic training and development program during his time there. Under his guidance and sales tactics in those sessions, my numbers grew drastically after attending them each time. Jake has an uncanny ability to lead and help others reach their goals. And his track record shows! Hiring Jake would make any company extremely better. From onboarding to coaching and developing individuals, Jake knows it all and the methods he uses are elite in helping employees at any company grow and achieve their goals. Every company needs a Jake Stahl, really.

Jeson Denton

Jake is one of the most passionate, effective, and thoughtful training and development professionals I have ever worked with in my career. He is incredibly personable, kind, and caring in all situations. His training programs strategically position the employees that go through them for success. He is an incredible co-worker and peer to bounce ideas off of. It would be an honor to work with Jake again and anyone who hires him is incredibly lucky to have him.

Meredith Dowd

Jake has been an incredible addition to the People Team at Sana. He’s constantly asking the right questions and does so with a smile on his face. We’re fortunate to have him as our training and development lead!

Jon Flowers

Jake Stahl is hands down the most talented, passionate, dedicated trainer I ever had the pleasure of learning from. During my career, I worked in corporate America for 25 years. During those years, I attended dozens and dozens of training events, seminars, management courses etc. Of all the trainers I had over the years, Jake is easily #1. Hire him if you want your people to learn, or to be motivated to accomplish a task.

Matt Denney

I had the pleasure of working with Jake while at Purdue Pharma from 1998 through 2004 and continue to maintain that connection. He was always very engaging, enthusiastic and positive. Jake is a results driven leader with dedication and loyalty. He is very detail oriented and adheres to a high quality of standards. Very methodical and provides lucid explanations. Jake always holds a great rapport with peers and people from all levels within the organization. I value him as a continued business contact.

Betsie Gutcheon

Jake’s willingness to grow and learn has been rewarded through multiple advances in his career and development. He has embraced every job with a passion to be the best. His breadth of experience provides tremendous value in any sales organization.

Francis Naab

Jake was one of my intial trainers at Purdue Pharma LP. Jake was able to take a very intense disease state (Asthma and COP), and make it simple. My knowledge for our products and the disease states for which they treat grew because of Jake Stahl. I credit him with much of the sucess I had with UNiphyl while at Purdue. Any orginization would be very fortunate to have Jake Stahl on their team.

Steve Arosteguy

Jake is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His knowledge, passion and conviction allow him to foster a unique learning enviorment that captivates and engages his audiences. Jake wouldl make an immediate impact on any company’s desired expectations.

Gary Dorsey

I had the pleasure of working with Jake for two years in the Specialty Sales Training department at Purdue Pharma. I knew Jake as a smart, diligent, hard working employee. He was looked upon as a leader in the group and continually made great contributions. I strongly recommend Jake for virtually any position in the pharmaceutical industry and am confident he would make an excellent contribution to any organization that would be lucky enough to employ him.

Brad Brekke, JD

When working with Jake, he has always been prepared for every task he would present. Jake is extremely organized and ready for the presentation to take a different turn if the audience deems necessary. Jake has always followed up in a timely and efficient manner. I would recommend Jake as a highly dependable, organized, and knowledgeable employee as well as a great person to have on your team.

Suzanne Gray

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