Revolutionizing Training

Where Psychology Meets Innovation

Giving a fresh perspective to training and skill-building.

My Approach

Innovative Training Expertise

I’ve journeyed to where innovation meets psychological science, giving a fresh perspective to training and skill-building. With lectures across 47 U.S. states and having trained over 10,000 professionals in six countries, my grasp of the field is both vast and nuanced.

Course Design & Tech Mastery

Over the years, I’ve crafted more than 100 unique courses and navigated the intricate world of Learning Management Systems and CRMs. Through this journey, I introduced the game-changing “Adaptive Conversational Blueprint”.

A New Approach to Selling

My approach is unique. By blending value-based selling with cutting-edge psychological techniques, I’ve created high-impact, personalized training strategies. The proof? I’ve not only doubled and tripled sales figures but have also been the catalyst behind award-winning sales reps and ignited leadership sparks across 10 distinct industries.


Personal Touchpoints

Born in the classic Bethlehem, PA (no, not that Bethlehem), I snagged a BA in Psychology from Syracuse and took some extra classes at NYU – I like to keep things interesting. When I’m not flexing my brain muscles, I’m a Master Mason (and no, not just because it sounds cool), tinkering with my historic house (it’s old, like, needs-TLC-and-a-few-laughable-DIY-mishaps old), and relaxing—or traveling—with my family. I share my cereal with my wife Deb and, well, Kyrie the German Shepherd occasionally acknowledges me when she’s not too busy with her master’s thesis

About Me

I am where innovation and mind science converge to redefine training and skill-building. With over 10,000 professionals trained in six countries, I’ve created 100+ proprietary courses, facilitated thousands of workshops, and navigated the complexities of leadership development with finesse. My approach transcends traditional training, marrying value-based selling with the latest in psychological techniques for my personalized, high-impact solution; the Adaptive Conversational Blueprint. In my extensive career, I’ve doubled and tripled sales, sculpted award-winning sales reps, and ignited leadership potential across 10 distinct industries. The 7 patents in the field force technology arena, the prestigious International Gold Award for Instructional Design, and invitations to speak nationally and globally on training and development showcase my dedication to excellence. With me, you’re not just investing in a program; you’re embracing a custom-made experience that caters to your specific needs, fueling growth and reimagining success. I’m excited to embark with you on a journey to elevate your training landscape. An adventure in the psychology of skill-building awaits us!

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Imagine having the power to decipher the subconscious cues and linguistic patterns that drive human behavior. With my expertise in NLP, I possess the tools to do just that. I can uncover hidden motivations, decode communication nuances, and craft tailored sales strategies that resonate deeply with your audience.

What sets me apart as a certified NLP practitioner is my unique capability to blend the art of persuasion with the science of human psychology. I’m not just another trainer or sales coach – I’m a trailblazer equipped with unparalleled insights and techniques to guide sales teams towards unprecedented success.

In the competitive landscape of sales and training, having a certified NLP practitioner on your side is a game-changer. My ability to influence, persuade, and inspire sets me apart as a leader in my field. As I continue to leverage the power of NLP in developing cutting-edge methodologies, I’m redefining the standards of excellence in sales and training.

The Life Coach’s Toolkit Vol.2

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The Life Coach’s Toolkit Vol.2 is now available for purchase. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource, filled with wisdom and practical tools to support your personal and professional growth journey.

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Co-Author of

The Life Coach’s Toolkit Vol.2

We are thrilled to announce the release of The Life Coach’s Toolkit Vol.2, a collaborative effort that brings together insights, strategies, and tools from seasoned professionals in the field of life coaching.

Chapter 23: The 2/10 Rule of Effective Communication

In this volume, I had the honor of contributing Chapter 23, titled “The 2/10 Rule of Effective Communication.” Drawing upon years of experience and research in the realms of communication and personal development, I delve into the transformative power of this simple yet profound principle.

About Chapter 23:

In “The 2/10 Rule of Effective Communication,” I uncover a fundamental principle that has the potential to revolutionize how we connect with others. By understanding and implementing this rule, individuals can enhance their communication skills, foster deeper connections, and navigate challenging conversations with clarity and confidence.

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